Academic Resources

  • Academic Resource Center (ARC) – ARC is open to all undergraduates on the Pittsburgh campus who want to raise their grades, better manage their time, master complex material, or need to feel more comfortable taking exams.
  • Math Assistance Center – The Math Assistance Center provides teaching assistants to help students with their mathematics courses.
  • Registrar’s Office – The Registrar’s Office is where you will direct most of your enrollment, academic record, and transcripts questions.
  • Writing Center – The Writing Center provides a place for all University of Pittsburgh students to come to work on their writing. The Center is staffed by experienced consultants who have been trained to help others with their writing. The services are free to all University of Pittsburgh affiliates.

Student Affairs Resources

You can find a comprehensive list of all the Student Affairs departments on the Student Affairs website. Many Student Affairs offices serve the entire Pitt community, not only students, and they can also be found under Pitt Resources for Everyone. Here are the student-centered offices that seem to be most frequently utilized by international students.

  • Career Development and Placement Assistance (CDPA) – CDPA has a number of engaging programs to help you prepare for a career and network with potential employers. CDPA has also created a special Global Series just for international students.
  • Counseling Center – The Counseling Center can be very helpful for international students to speak to staff members about adjusting to life in the United States, learn some relaxation techniques, and better manage their stress.
  • Cross-Cultural and Leadership Development (CCLD) – CCLD hosts many of the diversity programs on campus, works with fraternities and sororities, presented the Emerging Leaders course and Panther Leadership Summit, and many additional initiatives. Specifically for international students, CCLD created the Global Ties program to welcome international students and help build an international community on the Pitt campus.
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (GLBTQ) Resources – A variety of resources, information, and programs geared towards the queer community and its allies.
  • Outside the Classroom Curriculum (OCC) – For undergraduate students, the OCC is a University-wide initiative that is designed to help students receive a well-rounded education; get connected to their peers and the many great resources and programs here at Pitt; and ultimately gain a competitive edge for graduate or professional schools, internships, and the job marketplace.
  • Residence Life – Residence Life provides all the staff and programming inside the residence halls on campus. The Residence Life staff works very hard to help students living on campus feel like a part of their community.
  • Student Health Services (SHS) – SHS provides health services, such as doctor appointments and a pharmacy, to Pitt students.
  • Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) – If you are interested in finding a student organization to join, or if you consider starting a student organization, SORC is the best place for you to visit.

Student Organization Resources

While there are numerous groups on the Pitt campus that may appeal to you, we are highlighting some specific groups that can be used as a resource regardless of your participation level.

Additional Resources

  • PittPay – PittPay is the Student Payment Center where you can submit your tuition and other payments.
  • Legal Services – Legal Services are offered to non-CGS students through the Student Government Board by appointment only. Call the SGB office at 412-648-7970 to make an appointment. More information via GPSG here or via SGB here. The University of Pittsburgh School of Law also offers law clinics on several topics. Review their website here for more information.
  • Teaching Assistant ServicesPlease note: These are resources for students who have already been hired as Teaching Assistants, not students who want to apply for this position.