Sprintax (TaxBack, Inc.) tax preparation service is available to international students and scholars who are nonresidents for tax purposes at the University of Pittsburgh to use in preparing their federal tax returns.  Residents for tax purposes cannot use this program to complete their federal returns.

Preparing your Taxes using Sprintax

Determine if you are a resident or nonresident for tax purposes using the chart on the main Taxes page of our website.

Gather necessary documents:

  • Form W-2 (if applicable);
  • Form 1042-S (if applicable);
  • All documents regarding your current status (I-94 card, Forms I-20, Forms DS-2019, I-797 Approval Notices, etc.) and
  • A copy of last year’s tax return, if you filed one

Go to Sprintax online to begin preparing your returns.

REMEMBER – if you did not earn income last year, you still must file Form 8843. You will not need form W-2 or Form 1040-S to complete Form 8843 via Sprintax.

Plan on spending up to 30 minutes to complete your tax return on Sprintax.

Although Sprintax is an online system, you CANNOT file your tax return electronically. You will have to print, sign and mail the tax return generated by Sprintax once you have completed it. Sprintax will provide you with instructions about the address to which you must mail your tax return. You can also find the addresses in the instructions for the form you will file on our Tax Forms page.

After you complete your federal tax return on Sprintax, please do not forget to file your State and Local taxes too! If you are no longer a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you will need to research the correct State and Local tax forms required.

Tax Software for Residents for Tax Purposes

If you are a resident for tax purposes, the IRS website provides free filing services online at “Free File”. You also have the option to use web-based services, like TurboTax, H&R Block At Home Tax Software, or TaxSlayer, among others. OIS does not endorse any one program and you should research your options to find out which one will best suit your needs.


All tax information provided by OIS is intended for international students and scholars of the University of Pittsburgh ONLY.  The University of Pittsburgh makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of this information and shall not be held liable for use of any of the information provided. You should contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or a tax professional if you require clarification or have any questions about filing your taxes.