Welcome to the Office of International Services!

OIS, as it is commonly known, is the University’s immigration specialist, serving all campuses and the 4500 international students, scholars, staff, and faculty that call Pitt their academic home. Our chief job is to make sure the immigration issues are handled smoothly, quickly and correctly. By doing this well, we sincerely hope that the University’s academic and research missions, and the global networks that support them, will continue to thrive and its international students, scholars, staff and faculty will be less burdened and better able to pursue their dreams.

Guiding us in all we do are our Vision, Mission, and Values. Embedded within them is the desire to advise, train, lead, serve, and partner well.


Our office is located on the 7th floor in the historic William Pitt Union, formerly the Hotel Schenley. We invite you to read more about its history and list of distinguished visitors.

Although our office is physically located on the Pittsburgh campus, our services extend to the regional campuses of Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown, and Titusville.

Within this tab you will have an opportunity to meet us and learn a little more about who we are and what brought us into the profession. Although we hail from many different backgrounds, we all share a passion for international education and the joy we experience in connecting to the world through you and your unique story.