In the Office of International Services (OIS), we aspire to be more than just transactional in the way in which we serve you. We want to be relational as well.  We genuinely want to get to know you and demonstrate by the way in which we serve you that we value your presence here in the US and at Pitt.

We understand that our work is not about commodities to be bought and sold. Our work is about PEOPLE, not just stacks of paper. We are all about PEOPLE, not just processes and procedures. We strive to serve you well so that you can realize your dreams and aspirations. We view it is a privilege to have the opportunity to serve future educators, entrepreneurs, jurists, statesmen, scientists, and maybe even a future UN Secretary General! People like YOU!

Each of you – every international student or scholar who comes to the University of Pittsburgh – comes with a unique story that is filled with challenges you have overcome, opportunities you have seized, joys you have shared, mistakes you have made (and lessons you have learned), and much more.

We want to hear your story.

Are you working on cutting edge research?

Have you been recognized for your contributions to your field?

Did you overcome a particularly challenging obstacle in order to make it to the US and to Pitt?

Do you have big plans for the future?

Are you making a difference in your country?

Are you involved in some exciting volunteer experiences?

Are you presenting at a major international conference?

Did a particular person have an especially meaningful impact in your life (like Florence Tupper, a former high school history teacher and retired Red Cross worker, did in the life of the current UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon)?

Tell us all about it. Complete the information below and we may contact you to feature your story on this Web site or perhaps in other local, national, or even international media. Please note that all of your information will be treated as strictly confidential until we contact you for follow-up and you are in agreement in terms of how to share your story with others. 

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